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Chilliwack, we can do better

I have travelled all over Canada and much of the world.  What I have realized is that we truly live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  And that’s one of the reasons why I want to get involved in doing something positive for our town.  Over the past several years our community has grown and many positive changes have taken place. Still, there is much room for improvement in many areas and I believe that we could do better.  For instance, the City leadership needs to be held more accountable for decisions that affect its citizens.  Decisions have been made with little or no civic consultation, and have resulted in major dire consequences to Chilliwack’s residents and businesses. One example is the continued failure of the City to improve infrastructure (roads/bridges) in order to accommodate growth. While the population and the number of developments are booming in our town, improvements in road infrastructure have not kept up. As a result, traffic congestion has become a major headache for Chilliwack residents and an impediment to businesses.


Have you ever asked yourself "Why do they keep building housing on Promontory and in Garrison but are doing little to improve road access through the Vedder corridor?” or "Why did the City not put a left turn lane at the Vedder and Stevenson intersection?" So have I, and I can only come up with one answer: the City of Chilliwack and its leaders’ vision failed to recognize the practical needs of a growing town. As a city councillor, I will commit to finding practical solutions, and will ask hard questions that deserve transparent answers. At some point we have to invest in our infrastructure to accommodate the growth and development we have been experiencing. Growth is only desirable if its done with common sense and brings with it improvement to the quality of life for the residents of our city.

Economy - Small business emphasis

Small businesses make up the majority of its employers and economic activity.  I am a small business owner and I know that small businesses make up more jobs in Canada than any other size of business.  


While attracting new large business has been an emphasis of the City, more emphasis should be put into supporting and developing existing businesses. Small business is the backbone of a growing economy. I feel that this has been forgotten by the City and I will do my very best in making sure that the City responds effectively to everyone regardless of size.


I want to change the City’s tune from ‘our hands are tied’ to ‘how can we make things easier for you’ . Until now, the City has seemed to find ways to ‘untie their hands’ when they want to attract some new business, but show little interest in helping the ones that are already here.

Chilliwack, it is time for a change

Leadership at the City has become stagnant and resistant to change, new ideas and improvement.  Chilliwack as a City is falling behind the progressive improvements that many other similar sized cities in Canada are making.  New people with exciting ideas are often stifled and quashed by upper management at the City.  As a long-time business owner I know what it takes to keep a company thriving. A large part of that is the development of new people with fresh and vibrant attitudes.  This is not happening at our City.  Unfortunately, I have witnessed how several young, upcoming people have moved away from Chilliwack to seek better opportunities in the private sector, or move to work at other municipalities.  As a long-time resident of Chilliwack and business owner, I don’t want to continue witnessing huge talent drain and lost opportunities for our town. As a councillor, I will advocate to foster and support new talent and ideas that will bring improvement and new prosperity to Chilliwack.

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