• Born and raised in chilliwack.

  • Common sense leadership.

  • A lifetime of experience.

Born and raised in Chilliwack

Ken was born in Chilliwack on August 26th, 1954.  He was the oldest of seven children, and grew up in a small home in Rosedale where his mother owned and operated a gas station for many years.  During his childhood Ken was active. He trained as a boxer with a local club on the Cheam reserve. He was also a boy scout and had the opportunity to go to Japan as a Queen's scout, representing the Chilliwack area.  They camped at the base of Mount Fuji in 1971 for two weeks. At 14, Ken moved out of his parents home to live and work at a local farm in Rosedale. This is where he learned about riding and caring for cattle and horses.  Ken turned this work into a competitive hobby and competed in endurance horse riding, even winning several races in the BC interior. He even worked at the Big Creek Ranch for a time as a wrangler. Ken became a fully fledged pilot at the age of sixteen at the Chilliwack airport.  Ken would later turn his passion for flying into a career in aviation.

As a lifelong resident of Chilliwack, Ken’s interests have always included boating, flying, diving, fishing and traveling.  Ken served as the first Chilliwack Flight Fest president for its first two years of operation and volunteered for many years after that.  He has served as the president of the Chilliwack Flying Club and is currently involved in Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA).  Ken has served on the board of CEPCO and was on the Aviation and Aerospace committee with CEPCO. He looks forward to the opportunity to serve on the board of Chilliwack’s City Council in hopes to bring positive, common sense changes to the city he’s always called home.






In 1985 Ken started Upper Valley Aviation with some friends whom we would later buy out, in the aircraft salvage and parts business.  The initial business of UVA was recovery of small aircraft after a crash or unplanned landing.  The business originally operated out of the Far West Helicopters building on Airport Road.  Later, Ken expanded the business and purchased the building next door, what is now AJ Pumps.  Ken moved UVA in aircraft sales, brokering, maintenance and painting.  Later Ken and his partner moved the business into a larger hanger on the airport, then doubled that in size two years later.  Today UVA is the largest employer at the Chilliwack Airport and services aircraft from as far as New York, Saskatchewan, Florida, Anchorage and all over the West Coast.  Ken still works at UVA with his son today, and enjoys more free time to pursue his interests.

Why get into politics?

Ken has spent most of his life growing his business. Over the years, he has watched many great developments improve  his hometown. While there have been many positive changes in Chilliwack, Ken believes there have been too many decisions that lacked common sense and foresight. However, as with many citizens, Ken remained a critical bistander for years. As a father and business owner, he lacked the time required to get involved.  Over the past several years in particular he has seen overdevelopment without supporting infrastructure on the South side of the City, major deterioration in the downtown core, and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) that have been to the detriment of the City.

Ken has always been a passionate person with strong opinions, and now feels the time is right to do something about it. He believes that we as a City can do better, and he wants to be a part of that change.

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